Winnipeg’s Business District is located in the heart of a great city that lies at the longitudinal Centre of North America. Whether you are visiting strictly for business or looking to combine your work with pleasure we are ready for you with our newly refreshed Business Class accommodations. We have reserved the entire 4th floor solely for our business guests, with new furniture, new linens and new flat screen TVs.

Our convenient and central location will facilitate your work and allow you to enjoy all that Winnipeg has to offer. The MTS Centre, Burton Cummings Theater (a National Historic Site) and the Pantages Playhouse are all within a short walk or taxi ride.

You’ll get all the peace and quiet that you need for work and rest because access to our Business Class floor is limited by key card access and a variety of superb restaurants are available nearby for all your wining and dining needs.

You may be doing business with sports fans and, if so, don’t forget to ask about our special NHL packages so you and your colleagues can enjoy watching the Winnipeg Jets as they host some of the world’s most exciting action on ice.

Winnipeg itself is a major transportation hub, sitting right on the Trans-Canada Highway. Bus and train connections service the entire region and the Richardson International Airport is nearing completion of a more than half-billion dollar modernization project.

We welcome your visit and our highly trained professional staff is prepared to address all your needs on your next trip to Winnipeg.

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When choosing The Marlborough Hotel for your wedding, the bride and groom are not the only ones who receive extra special service and accommodations. We offer room options over 350 square feet or a choice of different sized suites to all guests. We even have Deluxe Jacuzzi rooms, perfect for the parents of the bride and groom. Before or after the wonderful wedding wedding, your guests can relax and enjoy the exemplary service that the Marlborough Hotel staff is known for.

The Marlborough Hotel has been throwing the most amazing weddings in Winnipeg since 1914. This “Miniature Hotel Deluxe of Canada” has gone through numerous historical renovations that have resulted in the renowned Gothic and Renaissance influenced design. Located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg (331 Smith Street), the Marlborough Hotel is within walking distance to numerous local attractions and businesses that can ensure your guests will enjoy not only your wedding night but a perfect vacation of their own.

Having your entire family and those that you love in one central location is what makes a wedding a celebration to remember. Spend the days and nights before the wedding with friends and family, celebrating the attractions of Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Centennial Concert Hall, Shaw Park and even the MTS Centre Arena are all within blocks of the Marlborough Hotel. After seeing a show or a game, your wedding party can enjoy a dinner at the Regal Beagle Pub and retire to your room, or watch the sunset over Winnipeg’s breathtaking skyscape.

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Only those who have previous planned a wedding can fully appreciate the time and energy that goes into the planning process. From the invitations, food, guest lists, venue, photography and cake to the travel plans for out of town guests. The list can pile up quickly. Most wedding couples end up spending “the best evening of their life” exhausted and stressed out. The Marlborough Hotel has a solution for this: The Duke of Marlborough Bridal Package.

After selecting your wedding date and sending out invitations, you can start planning your relaxing evening by simply telling the Marlborough staff that you want this package. The Duke of Marlborough Bridal Package includes overnight accommodations for the bride and groom, which include our numerous amenities. Also included is fresh fruit and champagne for two along with a nourishing honeymoon breakfast for two.

Of course, we didn’t leave out the wedding party and guests. The Duke of Marlborough Bridal Package also includes a preferred room rate for all invited guests. This ensures that they will enjoy their evening, and not have to worry about driving home. No worries about selecting a designated driver, or wedding guests driving home tired. Let your wedding reception run as long as you want and after, simply retire to your gorgeous, elegantly appointed room at the Marlborough Hotel.

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An alternative to a traditional plated wedding dinner offer by the Marlborough Hotel is a dinner buffet. Buffets are becoming popular again with the newly popular need for variety in food choices. The dinner buffets offered at the Marlborough Hotel are best for parties of approximately 50 or more. With our decades of experience in the culinary aspect of wedding receptions, we have gathered a variety of buffet themes for our brides, and their groom, to choose from on their special day.

In keeping with royal tradition, our most popular buffets are the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Marlborough. The Prince of Wales buffet showcases a choice of carved beef, citrus chicken, traditional meatballs, and crusted sole served with a red pepper aioli. Guests can start their meal with an assortment of greens, marinated vegetables and pasta salad.

The Duke of Marlborough buffet starts with an assortment of greens, pasta salad and cole slaw. The Duke buffet then allows guest an option of beef sirloin cooked to perfection or roasted paprika chicken. As with all Marlborough’s buffets, included is a perfect medley of fresh fruit, artisanal cheeses and dessert option.

As for enhancing your buffet, brides always have the option of including any one of our dinner enhancements. Salad enhancements include anything from pickled beet salad to potato, to chick pea salads. Our hot entrée enhancements include options of salmon, pollock, chicken, pastas, and even roasted leg of lamb. End your buffet with a platter of sweets that includes Nanaimo bars, fudge brownies, carrot cake and butter squares.

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The Marlborough Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg within walking distance to numerous area attractions that serve as a perfect backdrop for photo opportunities. On your wedding day, you will have traditional portraits of the ceremony, and the reception. Why not mix it up for your “formal” wedding party photos? While your guests are enjoying cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres selected from the fabulous Wedding Catering Menu of the Marlborough, take a relaxing walk or ride to many different area hot spots that turn your portrait into a memorable photo op.

Located within one mile from the Marlborough hotel is the Winnipeg Railway Museum, the Manitoba Museum, the Exchange District and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The local architecture and the beauty of downtown Winnipeg can be captured forever, with your wedding party, in a photo that will sit proudly on your mantle as a reminder of the most special day of your life.

Winnipeg maintains a perfect blend of urban atmosphere with dots of green parks and trees everywhere. Using the beautiful city as a backdrop not only celebrates your life and love in Winnipeg, but can also give your wedding photos the “art” that makes them unique. You can choose from the simple steps of a museum or wherever your photography finds his/her inspiration.

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When selection a venue for your Winnipeg wedding, keep in mind the choices Marlborough Hotel offers to its brides, along with the century of experience that will make your reception perfect.

The “main event” of the Marlborough Hotel Wedding Catering Package is the amazing plated dinner entrée selections. You can enjoy a traditional, seated, full-course dinner on your wedding day with your closest friends and family. The options are endless and any guest with allergies or dietary restrictions can rest assured that we have options just as delightful for them.

Your protein option of chicken, beef, seafood or pork is not limited to one or two bland choices, but numerous different classic dishes that are just as delicious as they sound. Chicken options include dishes such as Florentine, Wellington, Kiev and simple roasted chicken with rosemary. You can opt for a lighter dinner with a seafood selection and choose from halibut, salmon or pickerel, all served with a perfectly paired sauce that enhances the flavor of the fish. Lamb and veal or beef and pork options are also on the menu for your choosing.

For those members of your party who prefer vegetarian dishes, we can offer a dinner-sized portion of seasonal grilled vegetables, vegetable primavera, or cheese-stuffed manicotti. Children are certainly not overlooked and can enjoy classic child-preferred dishes.

All entrees come with choices of soups, salads, breads, vegetables, starch selections and desserts. What better way to celebrate your first night married, then with laughter, a full belly, dancing and a perfect meal.

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The Marlborough Hotel has been in service and delighting guests since 1914. After a century of experience in making weddings amazing, Marlborough’s banquet space, bridal packages, décor, drink options and food options make apparent the perfection that has been obtained through the years.

The Marlborough Hotel’s Wedding Catering Package offers an in-depth, sophisticated culinary selection. This amazing catering package includes different dinner entrees, including vegetarian and children entrees, paired perfectly with a selection of soups, salads, vegetables and sides.

Other choices include dinner enhancements, perfect for those who do not want their guests seated through an entire meal, or dinner buffets that include enough options to satisfy the taste buds of the entire wedding party. If you want light fare, consider hot or cold hors d’oeuvres, or a reception platter for cocktail hour. You can mix things up and add enhancements to buffets or hors d’oeuvres served before a seated meal.

To complete your wedding reception meal extravaganza you can choose from many options of desserts including Black Forest cake, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, or wow your guests with a traditional baked Alaska.

As for beer, wine and liquor options, you can enjoy Marlborough’s exquisite formal service or corkage service. You can choose to bring your own (with a proper permit) liquor, beer, or wine, and Marlborough provides everything else, including glassware, mixers, and even bartenders. If you choose to have the Marlborough Hotel handle your liquor service entirely, you can decide from a cash bar or host bar, depending on your preferences. As usual, the stellar, smiling service is included in every package.

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Planning a wedding can be difficult, even for those who are very organized and efficient. So many things go into the planning that it’s easy to understand the overwhelming frustration that often grips couples who are trying to organize the perfect wedding. From the guest list to the invitations and choosing a wedding gown, and even the colours of the wedding, it’s just one decision after another. If you want to reduce some of your stress early, you can start looking at Winnipeg wedding venues for your affair.

Having a great venue that can take care of your catering needs, offer rooms at discounted rates for your guests and make the entire experience enjoyable will help to ease the stress that you feel. When it comes to the best Winnipeg wedding venues, you can’t beat the Marlborough Hotel. The hotel offers everything you need, and it’s in a gorgeous, historic building right in the centre of the city. This makes the perfect place for weddings of all sizes, whether you are having a smaller, traditional wedding or you are having a huge wedding with everyone you know.

One of the advantages of the Marlborough Hotel is the choice of room venues for your reception. You have three great choices available, and all of the rooms are beautiful. Choose from the elegant, smaller room called Marlborough Hall, or choose the larger Eton Hall that is just as elegant, yet holds more guests. You can even choose the Skyview Ballroom, which offers the best views of Winnipeg from its location on the 8th floor.

With your guest list in place and your venue chosen, you will be able to take advantage of all of the other things that the Marlborough Hotel offers. They have a full catering service and a wide range of foods that you can choose for the menu. They have options for your bar, whether you want to host the bar on your own or use their cash bar. Once you make your choices, you will find that you are able to accomplish more in all of the other areas that you have to consider leading up to your wedding.

The Marlborough Hotel is the best of the Winnipeg wedding venues, and once you see everything that they offer and look at the beautiful hotel and rooms, you will see why. Make this hotel your choice and you won’t regret it!

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In the centre of downtown Winnipeg, you will find a 9-story hotel that has roots firmly planted in the city’s history. The Marlborough Hotel popular for business travellers as well as those who are looking for the perfect venue for a wedding reception. The hotel also offers an interesting history for those who want to know more about it.

The hotel has been as this site since 1914, although the name wasn’t always the Marlborough Hotel. When it opened that November, the original name was The Olympia. The original construction of the hotel, which you will still be able to see today, has a Gothic look and feel to it. The original structure was 4-stories high but by 1924, they’d added the remaining 5 floors. After the construction, the hotel received its new name, The Marlborough. The name stems from John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough. Today, the property is an important historic building.

While the historic aspect of the hotel is extremely important, not to mention interesting, history alone isn’t what makes it one of the best Winnipeg downtown hotels. Certainly, the structure and beauty of the hotel are important, but it really is what’s inside that counts. The Marlborough has plenty to offer guests, and you will find that the facilities are modern and have every amenity that you could want.

You have a variety of rooms from which you can choose, including suites. They have an onsite fitness centre as well as an indoor pool, whirlpool and water slide. Onsite eateries and drinking establishments, Joanna’s Café and the Regal Beagle, are fun, friendly and even elegant. The staff at the hotel is friendly and welcoming as well. From conferences and business meetings to unwinding at the onsite bar, it’s a great place to do business.

Modern travellers will find everything they need at the hotel. Visitors who are looking for a luxurious place to stay in a classic, historic building in the heart of Winnipeg will find what they want too. It’s the perfect place for everyone!

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