MTS Centre is a favorite place for tourists visiting Winnipeg

If you happen to be visiting Winnipeg, every tourist guide and advisor will tell you that the downtown is a must see. With its long heritage and the modern take on the architecture, downtown Winnipeg offers an interesting view at how the local cultures have influenced the area and made the Winnipeg the city it is today. Among the most attractive places in the downtown is undoubtedly the MTS Centre.

The MTS Centre is conveniently located in the heart of the downtown. It is a three-concourse facility that hosts the sporting and entertainment events year round. The center offers 17,000.00 center stage seats, 50 luxury suites, and VIP lounges and a media center among other things. The MTS Centre is home to the AHL’s Manitoba Moose, and has been linked with the downtown’s skywalk system, providing an easy access to the downtown Winnipeg hotels, shopping centers, bars, and theatres.

Among the hotels near the MTS Centre, one of the oldest is The Marlborough Hotel. Its history begins from the times of the WWI, and continues to this day; standing majestically in the downtown district. Marlborough Hotel has been renovated several times, and today it offers all the modern amenities and services that one would expect from a fashionable hotel.

What makes The Marlborough Hotel attractive to the tourists is its location. It is among the few downtown Winnipeg hotels that offers the indoor pool, health center, dining and cleaning services/facilities, and the friendly multi-language staff. Most importantly, it is the hotel within walking distance of the MTS Centre and even more sporting and entertainment venues that are located here.

The Marlborough Hotel is a multifunctional hotel, and can host meetings, banquets, conferences, and weddings. For more information about the hotel, prices, bookings, and additional services, please visit our website and find out more.

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