If you are in visiting for Folklorama, feel free to stay at the Marlborough Hotel

Folklorama is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world (as acknowledged by the CIOFF). Started in 1970 as a onetime multicultural event celebrating the Manitoba’s centennial, today it has grown in to a 2 week celebration that highlights the cultural diversity and ethnic unity of the people who have made Winnipeg their home. Folklorama features native folklore, ethnic cuisine, artifacts, souvenirs from the number of different countries, and is been run in two stages. The first week presents more than 20 pavilions in the downtown area as well as around the city, and the second week features 20 plus pavilions showcasing the different corners of the world.

Folklorama typically attracts more than 425,000 pavilion visitors, and 15,000 for the kick-off! Among the most conveniently located downtown Winnipeg hotels is The Marlborough Hotel. Located in the walking distance from all the major venues in the city center, the hotel has been the choice of many well known guests, Sir Winston Churchill being among the most notable ones.

What sets the Marlborough hotel apart from the downtown Winnipeg hotels is the convenience of its location, and the services hotel offers. First of all as a tourist you need to be in the heart of the city and be able to walk to all the major venues, which makes The Marlborough Hotel the perfect choice. It is among the closest hotels near the MTS Centre, is located one block from the Burton Cummings Theatre, and is a few blocks from the Forks.

Second, you should look for the conveniences like the onsite dining, indoor pool, gym, gift shop, hair salon, café, and a pub, all of which are offered by The Marlborough Hotel. For more information, as well as to make the booking please visit the hotel’s website.

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