Three Unique Rooms for Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You will always remember this day, and having a top-notch place to hold your reception is a key to making it a truly special event. Finding the best of the Winnipeg wedding venues is easy now that you are here! The Marlborough Hotel in downtown Winnipeg is an ideal place to hold your reception. It features the charm of an old world hotel with all of the modern conveniences you could need.

The Marlborough hotel, located in the downtown area at 331 Smith Street, opened its doors as the Olympia in 1914. The beautiful and historic structure has a decidedly Gothic architectural style that helps to set it apart from the other Winnipeg wedding venues that you might be considering. Something else that sets the hotel apart is the number of choices that you have when it comes to the reception. You have not only one reception hall from which you can choose; you have three!

Each of these halls is beautiful, but you may find that one is going to work much better for the reception you are planning than the others will. Choose the one that works the best for the number of guests that you have as well as the one that makes the most sense for your style of wedding.

First, you can choose Marlborough Hall, which has an opulent look and feel to it. This is a great choice for those who are having a smaller wedding but who still want the luxury that only the Marlborough Hotel can provide. It features gorgeous carved pillars and ornate walls.

Another option is Eton Hall. This hall is larger than Marlborough Hall, and it is perfect for wedding receptions with more guests. As with Marlborough Hall, this is a gorgeous setting for a wedding, and you won’t be able to find other Winnipeg wedding venues that can provide as much charm!

The Skyview Ballroom is one of the most impressive of the Winnipeg wedding venues. Located on the 8th floor, this venue offers a wonderful view of downtown Winnipeg. Whether you have a day or night reception, this is a perfect place to hold it. You will always have a great view! This room is perfect for larger wedding receptions.

As you can see, the Marlborough Hotel has a wedding venue and wedding financing options that will work for everyone.

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