Sports Team Party Central

From season opening meet-and-greets to team windups our hotel has the staff and facilities to make your team event a success. We’re known as “Team Party Headquarters” for a reason. Our convenient location in downtown Winnipeg is easy to find and close to several attractions. Our hotel can provide a private dining room or a large banquet facility depending on what you need. Our catering and kitchen staff will serve up the perfect meal for your hungry squad at a great price.

Our hotel is perfect for:

  • Season opening meetings
  • Team windups
  • Fundraisers
  • Parties after the game
  • Season ending celebrations

Let us do the planning so you and your team can have all the fun. We’ve got audiovisual equipment you can utilize to show season highlights, conduct your fundraiser, or see who the best karaoke singer on the team is.

There are plenty of downtown Winnipeg hotels to choose from, but frankly, ours is the best! It’s become one of the favourite locations for sports teams in Winnipeg to come and have a great time. We know you are passionate about sports and so are we. Call one of our sports team booking agents today and we’ll help you plan your party.

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