Safety Tips for Staying in Downtown Winnipeg

Each and every day approximately 100,000 employees, students, residents and tourists make their way to downtown Winnipeg for a variety of activities. Whether for work or play, downtown Winnipeg offers something for everyone. According to Winnipeg Police, the downtown crime rates have steadily dropped since 2001 with less than 10% of assaults and robberies occurring in the downtown area.

Knowing the downtown Winnipeg area is safe should provide peace of mind, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow some basic safety tips to decrease the chance you may run into trouble. Below are some safety tips to follow when staying in downtown Winnipeg.

Keep Hotel Key Out of Sight

Downtown Winnipeg hotels attract thousands of business and vacation travelers each year. When staying in one of Winnipeg’s downtown hotels you should do your best to conceal your hotel room key. Thieves are much more likely to rob someone they know is out of town and unfamiliar with the area. Keep it concealed and be careful mentioning you are from out of town.

Dealing with Panhandlers

It is illegal in downtown Winnipeg to panhandle, but you may be approached. Walking with a purpose will reduce the likelihood you will get approached in the first place. If you do, firmly yet respectfully say, “No I can’t help you.” Keep walking and do not engage in further conversation.

Street Safety

If you can avoid going out at night then do so. If you can’t, make sure you stick to well lit main streets and bring a friend or coworker. Crimes occur when they can be done quickly without being noticed.

If carrying a purse, keep it between your arm and body. Avoid using the shoulder straps. Also, carry a personal alarm with you for safety in the event of an emergency.

Following these safety tips should help you avoid any problems. Have fun in downtown Winnipeg, and be safe!

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