Ease Your Worries and Use the Marlborough Hotel as a Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding can be difficult, even for those who are very organized and efficient. So many things go into the planning that it’s easy to understand the overwhelming frustration that often grips couples who are trying to organize the perfect wedding. From the guest list to the invitations and choosing a wedding gown, and even the colours of the wedding, it’s just one decision after another. If you want to reduce some of your stress early, you can start looking at Winnipeg wedding venues for your affair.

Having a great venue that can take care of your catering needs, offer rooms at discounted rates for your guests and make the entire experience enjoyable will help to ease the stress that you feel. When it comes to the best Winnipeg wedding venues, you can’t beat the Marlborough Hotel. The hotel offers everything you need, and it’s in a gorgeous, historic building right in the centre of the city. This makes the perfect place for weddings of all sizes, whether you are having a smaller, traditional wedding or you are having a huge wedding with everyone you know.

One of the advantages of the Marlborough Hotel is the choice of room venues for your reception. You have three great choices available, and all of the rooms are beautiful. Choose from the elegant, smaller room called Marlborough Hall, or choose the larger Eton Hall that is just as elegant, yet holds more guests. You can even choose the Skyview Ballroom, which offers the best views of Winnipeg from its location on the 8th floor.

With your guest list in place and your venue chosen, you will be able to take advantage of all of the other things that the Marlborough Hotel offers. They have a full catering service and a wide range of foods that you can choose for the menu. They have options for your bar, whether you want to host the bar on your own or use their cash bar. Once you make your choices, you will find that you are able to accomplish more in all of the other areas that you have to consider leading up to your wedding.

The Marlborough Hotel is the best of the Winnipeg wedding venues, and once you see everything that they offer and look at the beautiful hotel and rooms, you will see why. Make this hotel your choice and you won’t regret it!

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