Host Your Holiday Event at the Marlborough Hotel

The holiday season is almost upon us again and it is time to start planning your big holiday events. If you are looking to host a gathering then you will want to consider the charming Marlborough Hotel. They offer more than 40,000 square feet of meeting space in many different rooms so that you can find the perfect sized option for your event.

First there is the Garrick Centre, which is actually in the historic building across the way from the hotel, and is connected by the skywalk. There are three options here that will work for those that are looking for stages and great acoustics such as for putting on a holiday theatre production or concert. The Digital Presentation Suite holds up to 600 people and has a 20-foot screen available for use. The Concert Venue offers room for 550 people seated and 150 standing as well as a large stage area. Finally, the Lecture Hall, which is perfect for a smaller gathering, has 250 seats and is ideal for a special holiday themed event.

Next, you have the Skyview Ballroom which is as elegant as it sounds as it graces the 9th floor and offers views of the city through its ceiling to floor length windows. Elegant chandeliers hang from the ceilings and the large dance floor is open for slow dances and all the latest moves. This is the perfect option for holiday weddings or elegant black tie events. It can hold 800 people comfortably.

Finally, the Marlborough Hall is a wonderful pick for more intimate gatherings. It holds up to 200 guests and also has that beautiful view from the 9th floor through the room’s grand windows. It offers the classic charm of the 1920’s, as the architecture dates back to this period. It is a fine choice for a holiday event or party as well.

These rooms are filling up! Don’t wait until December to book your holiday soiree, call us today at 204-942-6411 and our Event Specialist will ensure your party is an unforgettable evening.

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