A Look at The Marlborough’s Gothic Architecture

The Marlborough Hotel in downtown Winnipeg is known for its top-notch service, plush rooms, and fine dining. Those who enjoy architecture, or just admire beauty, also love it for its gorgeous Gothic Revival design. The hotel was built in 1914 by architects inspired by the Gothic and renaissance influences and had visions of a grand hotel in these styles.

Gothic Architecture Marlborough HotelFamous buildings with a similar Gothic inspiration include the Palace of Westminster in London England, the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. All have the distinct ornate qualities that make up Gothic architecture such as long rooms and hallways with breathtakingly tall ceilings. The ceilings are also often vaulted with decorated arches and carved buttresses. Stained glass, hanging lamps, and plenty of arches also define the look.

Hotels in that time period also took on this grand, detailed style of design as it made guests feel regal and pampered to be in such elegant surroundings. Many people today long for this style of building to return, and it may again in some era. For now, however, lovers of the style can enjoy the look in vintage hotels that have kept all of their charm through the years such as The Marlborough.

The Marlborough Hotel’s late Gothic Revival style is seen on the inside and outside of the hotel. The facade of the hotel, front desk, the rooms, and even the café show touches of this influence. The Marlborough Hotel is really a building you must see to believe, as it is a piece of Gothic Revival construction, and pays homage not only to Gothic Revival era, but also to Medieval England construction style, and Renaissance-style elegance.

The ambiance, one with rich polished granite and ornate cast iron, is strong and completes a tour of Winnipeg, and well represents the mood and texture of Canadian life.

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