Wedding Dinner Buffets to Consider

An alternative to a traditional plated wedding dinner offer by the Marlborough Hotel is a dinner buffet. Buffets are becoming popular again with the newly popular need for variety in food choices. The dinner buffets offered at the Marlborough Hotel are best for parties of approximately 50 or more. With our decades of experience in the culinary aspect of wedding receptions, we have gathered a variety of buffet themes for our brides, and their groom, to choose from on their special day.

In keeping with royal tradition, our most popular buffets are the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Marlborough. The Prince of Wales buffet showcases a choice of carved beef, citrus chicken, traditional meatballs, and crusted sole served with a red pepper aioli. Guests can start their meal with an assortment of greens, marinated vegetables and pasta salad.

The Duke of Marlborough buffet starts with an assortment of greens, pasta salad and cole slaw. The Duke buffet then allows guest an option of beef sirloin cooked to perfection or roasted paprika chicken. As with all Marlborough’s buffets, included is a perfect medley of fresh fruit, artisanal cheeses and dessert option.

As for enhancing your buffet, brides always have the option of including any one of our dinner enhancements. Salad enhancements include anything from pickled beet salad to potato, to chick pea salads. Our hot entrée enhancements include options of salmon, pollock, chicken, pastas, and even roasted leg of lamb. End your buffet with a platter of sweets that includes Nanaimo bars, fudge brownies, carrot cake and butter squares.

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